Five reasons to have your own domain name

Five reasons to have your own domain name

There are many reasons why every kind of business, freelancers and even bloggers should have their own domain name. While this alongside a website may seem a no-brainer to many, there are still some people who are not sure why they should have one. Some of them see no benefit of having a personal domain name and consider the whole idea as a waste of money and time. That said, here are five main reasons to have your own domain name and consequently business website.

 It gives you control

For starters, a domain name will provide you with an opportunity to rank better in different search engines, especially if it is a keyword domain. When this happens, you will be able to not only attract more clients but at the same time control their buying behavior by convincing them to just shop at your store.

Secondly, a domain will give you an opportunity to develop your own website, which you will determine what to include in it and what not to add. You can decide to display only what you want to your clients and at times hide pages if you do not want a specific search engine to crawl them.

 It is cheap, easy to obtain and set-up

Not all domain business and website creation processes are costly, in fact, a good number of them are far less expensive than you can ever imagine. For about $3-$ ten a year, you can easily have an active domain name and a popular website which you can use to showcase your products and cover a broader market online.

 It cements your personal and business branding

Branding is an integral part of any serious business venture, and today, it has been moved from the traditional offline to online. Basically, more and more people today prefer visiting a retailer’s website and find out what he is showcasing before making a purchase, and it goes without saying, a well-branded webpage usually stands a better chance of attracting and retaining clients.

 It gives your business a professional touch and easily links you up with your clients at any time

A well designed and information-rich website can quickly help you convince your clients that your business is legit and is able to meet their specific needs. It can also help you provide answers to different clients at any time and in any place without necessarily having to meet or call you physically.

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