The hidden benefits of owning a domain name and personalized email

The hidden benefits of owning a domain name and personalized email

No matter what some people might say, having your own domain name is absolutely awesome. Assume your business name is ToyMarket. When you purchase the domain name ‘’, everybody in the world is going to find it online easily. Needless to say, a domain gives you distinction and a reasonable level of authority.

In this day and age, anyone can quickly get a personal domain name and host their own email addresses, and it won’t cost them much. All it takes is a few steps which involve filling in your personal details, i.e. names, how you want your mail to appear etc. that said, here are some of the other hidden benefits of owning a personalized domain name.


A custom domain name such as ‘’ is easier to remember that a complex, code branded domain name such as ‘’. As a business owner, the simplicity of your domain name will play a key role in ensuring your clients remember you and easily access your online services when a need arises.


A domain name and official website will give your business legitimacy and importance. You will primarily be able to effectively market your services both offline and online and in the process make your clients trust you more. As of 2014, there were more than 14 trillion active domain names and websites. This means that you the sooner you stake your claim, the more likely it will be that your specific domain address matches your business profile.


Your domain name can quickly help you make an impact in the location which you are in. For example, if you are running a kids toy shop in Chicago and a client living within the same state wants to get some toys for his kids, he will in one way or another link up with you through your website and probably make purchases. Ideally, through your domain name and website, you will be in a better position to reach out to different clients, especially those who are within your locality.


With a domain name and a website, you can easily interact with your clients at anytime from anywhere. All they have to do is to get online and use either the chat box or direct mailbox provided to contact you and make inquiries. Ideally, the option allows you to build trust among your clients through assuring them of your availability whenever they need you.

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